Feb 26, 2008

I'm a World Class Snob

So, Mindset Media conducted a study about the typical mindsets/attitudes of Mac users in comparison with the rest of the population. It found that Mac users tended to be more liberal, more open minded, more sure of themselves and their own superiority over the rest of the population. I really hope I'm not like that, but... I have a lurking sense of dismay that I might be.

Peter Segal joked on this week's quiz show (wait, wait, don't tell me) that the only people who are more smug than Mac users are Mac users who support Barack Obama.

Ack!! I have some serious self-reflection to engage in, then.

Go Barack!


Fern said...

Shoot! I guess we're snobs too! But can we help it if we've figured out that macs are miles ahead of the competition? I mean it's kind of a no-brainer. It never freezes up, doesn't get viruses, and includes all kinds of fun extras! Not to mention that the screen, the modem, drives, and camera are all one piece.(And includes a nifty little remote control)
Well, I could go on forever... I am a Mac snob and I've come to terms with it... and I'll never look back!
P.S. What do you want to bet that most people have ipods... hypocrites!

texasblu said...

I'm a wannabe snob - I wanted to buy a MAC this time around, but hubby elected for the inferior.


Jeff said...

I'm guilty on both counts. I love my Macs, and I'm an Obama supporter.

That being said, I was smug long before I associated myself with either one...go figure.

Margaret said...

For the record -

I do not have an iPod. I have an mp3 player, but I purposely did not get an iPod, just because I didn't want to cave to The Man.

Does that mean that I'm, uh, snobby about not being a snob...?