Feb 24, 2008

My first attempt at Ethiopian Cookery

There was a get-together last night of all the families in my area who have adopted from Ethiopia. Also, there was a woman from Ethiopia who has moved over here (she married an RM who served in Africa). She showed us how to cook Doro Wat (Ethiopian chicken stew... very tasty and VERY spicy). Also making an appearance at this meal: Beef Stew (can't remember the Ethiopian name for it), Injera, a nice spicy rice dish and lots of good old fashioned American desserts, as well as pepperoni pizza for the faint of heart. It was good times. My taste buds will never recover... I'll need something extra spicy from now on just to be able to taste. :) Everyone had a blast, especially the kids who ran rampage downstairs in the incredibly cool kids room, full of froofy dress-ups, toys, and a barrel slide coming down from the first landing.

Here's my dish. Pumpkin mild sauce:

It was very mild, compared to the other dishes. Oh, and, this was my first taste of Injera, the Ethiopian flat bread that is served with every traditional meal. There was some that was ordered online and some that was made here where I live... my opinion is, definitely don't eat the stuff here where I live for your first taste. Order it from somewhere they can actually make it... actually use the teff flower to rise the dough. Here it's made with self-rising flour and club soda, and it's a lot more sour and white-bready. IT was cute, the Ethiopian kids gobbled up the Injera like there was no tommorrow. Obviously, they miss having it with every meal.

The kids were adorable.

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