Apr 28, 2008

another good tag...

You're right, Dave. I like these sorts of things. Probably because I'm a tad egocentric and like to talk about myself on my blog. Oh well. :) ANyway, this is actually a pretty good one... better than the seven wierd things one at least where I had to confess to awful pranks played upon my family in my youth.

Here goes:

What I think

I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a family, and one of the words swirling around in my brain is "tradition." I have found that children (my children at least) LOVE traditions and schedules. Family movie night. Family hike day. Family prayer, Family home evening, babysitting night where mom and dad get to go away and kids get left with candy-dispensing playful teenagers... (this one we haven't done yet but will likely have to soon.)

I also think, going on with your thougths, Dave, that there is both bad and good in the world. To me people are all both bad and good, all mixed up inside so that there really is no real "bad" or "good," just productive and selfless or Unproductive and selfish choices that people make. I suppose a person could be considered more bad than good if most of their choices fall into the second category, but everyone is redeemable.

What I like

I like reading, to myself, to my kids, and to my spouse. I like singing to people who want to listen. I like being outside. I like skiing. I like being with good friends and making new ones, though it usually takes me a while. I like spending time laughing or debating or roughousing with my spouse. I like sushi. I like Beethoven. I like Ben Harper and Cat Stevens. I like the colors golden orange and lemon yellow. I like weeping cherry trees in the springtime. I like a good bicycle ride. I like totino's frozen pizzas dipped in ranch. I like birds of paradise.

What I know

I know that Joseph Smith found himself some plates and translated them into a book that is readily avaialbe on most LDS families' bookshelves. I know Christ is my best friend and older brother and Savior. I know that Prophets still speak and walk the earth, that God talks to me when I pray, and that my children are meant to be mine to raise; they are precious gifts and grueling tests. I know that I have a mortal destiny that will bring me joy and stretch into eternities of happiness and bliss. I know that my spouse loves me and that we will be together forever if we live up to our covenants. I know that Ronald McDonald is a scary, scary man.

What I want

I want to feel, when I am 99 years old and about to die (just one day before or after my spouse) that I have accomplished everything I set out to accomplish in live, and I am ready to move on to what's next. I want to be strong and healthy and long-winded enough to be capable of hiking up every mountain in the world and swimming across every river. I want to feel like my kids are my best friends when they grow up. I want to be a well-read, respected author someday. I want to feel the spirit's calming influence in every thing i set out to do. I want all people who I love to know they are loved by me and that I would do anything to help them.

What I see

i see a sad, cranky baby saying "read the pig! Read the pig!" Which means I need to stop writing and read the pig.

OK... I tag... Margaret.


Putz said...

wow, so that is nosurfgirl...i alwaays wondered, actually i never did wonder if you want to know the truth, and yes i did oogle jessicca back.....

Putz said...

ooooh, i forgot something...tortina peices dipped in what was it?????

michele said...

hey, have you been watching the Sound of Music? ("climb every mountain, ford every stream...") :)

I like your thoughts about family. maybe I'll have my own thoughts in a few or five years.

Margaret said...

YOU'RE ON! I needed something to get me going on the blog again. :)

I'm moving this week, so it might not be posted tomorrow, but don't give up! :)

Oh, and - I love the way you write.