Apr 24, 2008

victory at last!

After my first two attempts at cornrowing, I was feeling a tad discouraged. So I attempted them again for my next style and...

Voila! Semi-decent cornrows! It just goes to show that even when something seems impossible to master, it can still be mastered with practice. Though I am still far from mastering the cornrow, these are actually decent enough that they could be left in a real person's hair. At least, I would be comfortable telling people I did them if they asked.

And also:

Box braids! And I have been experimenting with beads and snaps, as is obvious. Looks a little Christmas tree like, so I won't be putting as many on the next time.

My secret to make the cornrows better (learned from a wonderful how-to video), make them Smaller. And a certain trick of the positioning of the fingers. Same goes for box braids, but add braiding DOWN to that list.

Yay! I can do it, though I was initially very discouraged.


Putz said...

i agree that what you are practicing iss NURTURING, but dosen't it hurt the receipiant of the nurturing when you make the corn rows so small, wouldn't they say ouch???????/i am teasing you, because i am so excited about your adoption and changing a life to the better with the gospel of jesus christ

NoSurfGirl said...

LOL, barlow... yes, that is the dichotomy of doing especially African hair. While it is nurturing and important to learn to style the hair, it does hurt a lot. Most kids have learned (or will learn, with my help) to sit still and bear it but it HURTS. The plus is you only have to take it out and re-do it every 4-6 weeks or so if it's done right... which is why I'm trying to practice right now. :p

Lucy Stern said...

Have you tired it on a live recipent? Certainly there must be someone who will volunteer to be your "ginney pig."