Apr 20, 2008

April, the best month of the year

Because it was the Month I Married Skywalker.

Because it is the Month when all of the Tulips and Daffodils and Crocuses push through and bloom furiously, reminding us of the resilience of life and the truth of afterlife.

Because it is the Month with the prettiest name.

Because it was the Month the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wasorganized.

Because it is the Month my parents were married.

Because it is the Month with the sweetest smells—flowers, mown lawn, and sunscreen.

Because it was the Month the Salt Lake Temple was finally dedicated.

Because it is the Month baby Josh was born.

because it was the Month the Melchezedick Preisthood was restored.

Because it is sometimes the Month Easter is in.

Because it is the Month my family used to drive out to Utah and go to General Conference every year.

Because it was the Month Saralee was born.

Because it is the Month when the Manti Temple looks its prettiest.

Because it is the Month where the most exciting season changes happen.

Because it was the Month Elaine was born.

Because it is the Month my kids start begging me to fill the little pool for them.

Because it is the Month when hiking is back in season.

Because it is the month when I can start going barefoot outside.

Because it is the month Christ was born.


Putz said...

it is the month the putz's father was born and died, and apr.30 is the putz birthday..also 3 of my grandbabies

Lucy Stern said...

It is the month (today actually) my oldest daughter was born....It is the month my SIL was born (tomorrow).....It is a beautiful month.....

I'm glad you are starting your food storage...don't wait too long to get that wheat.

Putz said...

barefoot outside,????? you'll shoot your eye out....i tookk a water turn once in my garden a liced my foot at 3 am in the morning barefoot

NoSurfGirl said...

I hope the funeral was a comforting experience. And you must have very sharp toenails.

tell you daughter happy birthday. We'll be starting our food storage as soon as we save up for the travel costs of our adoption... which means around August. I hope that there is still wheat then... if not we'll buy it up anyway as I assume prices are still just going to rise? What is projected?

merrilykaroly said...

April is definitely a special month!! I haven't been outside our apartment for quite a while now...maybe I should start taking walks soon and become a part of the real world again. I love warm evenings in Provo...

NoSurfGirl said...


can I be the first to welcome you from the baby-induced dreamlike existence back to the real world?

Welcome. When can I come over and ooh and ah and be unwholesomely tempted to nibble on his bitty toes?

texasblu said...

Oh how fun - we just celebrated our Anniversary too - 17 yrs! :)

marlajayne said...

The older I get, the more I learn, and today I learned some things about Mother Nature that I didn't know, things that make me appreciate April even more.

We have these newly hatched baby birds living in a nest in a wreath on the front door. We've been excitedly watching the progress from day to day. Anyway, earlier this evening I mentioned to my husband that I've heard lots of people mention bird and hatching eggs lately, and I wondered aloud why there seemed to be more of such happenings. He told me (without cracking a smile or making fun of me) that this is the time of year that mother birds lay their eggs because this is the best time for the little ones to live and thrive.

So now I have another reason to love April...new life everywhere.

Lucy Stern said...

I don't see wheat going down any time soon. Every time gas goes up it also hurts the price of food. Last night on the news they were announcing that Sam's is limiting how many bags of rice people can buy (4). Rice has doubled in price in the last six weeks. I went to the Hong Kong food market and started pricing rice. WOW! I couldn't believe that six weeks ago a 25 lb. bag of Jasmine rice was $12.50 and it is now $ 21.75.

I decided to go over to Food Town were I had seen a 4 lb. bag on sale last week for .99 cents. Last night it was $ 1.99. I ventured around the store and did find a 20 lb. bag of long grain white rice for $ 4.99 a bag. I got three bags of rice for me, 2 for a friend and 1 bag for my married daughter. If you are into brown rice, it will be higher.

Some of the problem is that countries that once inported rice to us have stopped importing. Countries like China and Indonisa are keeping their rice for their own people. Gas prices effect the price too.

Try to start buying some of these items with your normal grocery shopping, look for sales and use coupons if you have to. Try not to wait till August, if you have to, or you will be getting less for your money. I am not trying to scare you, I am just trying to give you a heads up.

Nate and Rebecca said...

I like April too. I like spring in general. It makes me feel happier and lighter after winter.