Jul 17, 2008

Hairku Friday

I have decided to participate in a little thing called Hairku Friday... it's a bunch of adoptive mothers (and in my case, pre-adoptive mothers) who write a Haiku about the hairstyles they are trying on Fridays.
So here goes:

My fingers make rows
Shaky like a first-grader
learning to draw lines.


shanfam said...

We live in Nevada City, right next door to Linda and Dan DeMartini. Im not used to bears either, but they are here!

Putz said...

nosurf and her hair fetish's,

Putz said...

remember when we disected beck's talk and on how combing hair was nurturing????we ought to talk more about that instead of gys, etc. etc. ect.

Megan said...

OK Funny story...I found your blog through FMH and your series on pornography. So I then subscribed to your blog, and lo and behold you're adopting from ET too! We just began the process last month.So, of course I had to go and read the rest of your blog(you're an amazing writer!) Feel free to check out my adoption blog:


It's not shown in my google profile because we haven't told everyone yet that we are adopting. We want to be further in the process first.

Anyway, thanks for your amazing work, and keep it up!