Jul 22, 2008

more violence, please

So, my friend who is a writer, always gives the same writing advice to any Mormon who asks him to read a manuscript. Across the top he scrawls (or types in block letters), "needs more sex and violence." He's only partly being serious of course. Or maybe not at all. I'm really not sure. But it reminded me of this exchange between my two daughters.

Loli: Mom, can we watch a movie?

NSG: Sure. What do you want to watch?

Loli: Ummm.... (considers the screen, considers her toes, then looks at me hestiantly) how about looney tunes?

NSG: (regretfully) no... actually, I don't want you guys to watch those for awhile.

Jaws: Ooney toons!

NSG: No.

Loli: Why not?

Jaws: Ooney Toons!!

NSG: I kind of want to keep you guys away from any kind of violence in movies for a while.

(side note... this decision made, after finding Jaws Whaling on Loli with a Soccer pendant, causing significant bruising to Loli's forehead and back, and eliciting the first ever "hard" spank NSG has administered to any of her children.)

Loli: Sigh. O-KAY. How about Moe and the Big Exit? (Current veggie tale favorite.)

NSG: Sure.

Jaws: ooney Tunes!!!

NSG: No, baby. I don't want any violence.

Jaws: (Begins her dissatissfied jumping-up-and-down-with-hands-clenched move) Vi-lence! VI-LENCE!!

Epiolgue: We have not watched any movies with any kind of violence in them (even of the mild, looney toon variety) for two weeks. Loli is hitting a lot less. Just a small tip for any frustrated parents out there! :)


NoSurfGirl said...

BTW, jaws does not know what the word "violence" means, she being two and all. I think she just figured it must be good since I wasn't letting her have it. Ah, to have the simple logic of twohood once more.

merrilykaroly said...

Ha ha! I love it when you put your little conversations on here. Your kids are adorable.

That's so interesting that what would seem like an innocent, older kind of cartoon would still be violent enough for the kids to learn that kind of thing from it.

Putz said...

vilence, vilence, vilence, patty perfect's children would have said. moomy whatever you say to watch will be just fine and then paul perfect would have come in and said, good job of mothering dear

JWSP said...

Love your blog. Thought you might like to see the movies one ward in Ct made with primary kids. The only violence is David and Goliath. They are adorable...


the nice one said...

i hear ya loud and clear! i'm so close to throwing the tv out the window! smurfs is even violent!!! smurfs!! good luck girl good luck

David L said...

So as NSG's friend who leaves the editing message, I have to offer an explanation. It started as a joke between me and my roommates because way too many students had that "holier than thou" attitude towards anything along those lines. It was my attempt to get people to calm down about life. Please note, of course, that I am a staunch advocate for cleaning up all media.

On a different note, my wife and I threw out the TV for 18 months at one point in our marriage. We had never been happier, and we are contemplating doing it again. We just have trouble convincing the three-year-old that the world will continue without Dora the Explorer.

Putz said...

the dingo ate my baby, laura barlow my daughter in law that you do not know face painted all us kids, yes i was first in line and my nose was a yellow moon the day before with a dingo from austrailia, howling at my nose after the dingo ate my baby,,,cabeesssh?

Nate and Rebecca said...

Interesting...I hadn't much thought about the effects of violence in cartoons like Looney Tunes on kids before...

Liz L said...

I love kid-speak! That's hilarious. And also very interesting that you've noticed a change in behavior. Makes me think maybe I should be worried about what's on the tube when my 11 month old is around (usually isn't much - we only have the weather channel and discovery). But there is that creepy haunting show in the afternoons.