Jul 25, 2008

Further artistic endeavors by Jaws

So, grandma and uncle and aunt are here with us today.(uncle and aunt, being my younger brother and my sister who is 13 years old). As I previously blogged about, Jaws has an intense fascination with make-up right now. And so of course Grandma was besieged when she started putting on her face the other day. Grandma, being the wonderful grandma she is, went ahead and did Jaws face, too, whilst she watched carefully in the mirror, and then Loli's, who of course could not be left out of the action.

The other day I noticed I hadn't heard any piercing shrieks or demanding assertions for a long while and so I went off to find Jaws. This is what I found:

Jaws had of course gotten into Grandma's makeup, and as you can see, she tried to carefully re-do everything she had learned from watching Grandma in the mirror. She did a pretty good job for a two-year-old, don't you think?

As you can see from the picture, she was sad when I found her, because she knew that soon the makeup would be coming off. So as a consolation prize, I took a picture of her, let her look at it, and then let her take a bunch of pictures with our digital camera. (another obsession of late).

Here are a few select frames from that shoot:

Jaws most often has the lens turned on herself during her creative photographic endeavors. Like some others I could mention (John, Caitlin, Emily. Lol, you guys know I love you.) Anyway, she managed to turn it the other way for the last one... and caught her aunt at an unguarded moment. Sometimes I think we should just hand cameras out to all the kids in the world. Kids are so much less threatening with a camera. And so people don't try to ham it up and look good... they are just their honest selves. Observe the skeptical, "I'm bored, and I'm barely tolerating you but I'll play along because I love you and you're my eternal niece" look on Kirsten's face.

(Kirsten, you know I love you.)


Putz said...

face painting dingo ate yur baby face painting...it should have been left on

Janell said...

She did a great job for a 2 year old - it looks like she got most of the right products in approximately the right place :)

marlajayne said...

I'm not sure what the fascination with make-up is, but I think ALL children have it, even some little boys. My granddaughters love sneaking into my make-up bags and drawers and experimenting with different looks. By the way, love that lipstick!

Nate and Rebecca said...

Wow. That is quite the make-up job. When I was little, I used to be interested in my aunts' make-up routine when they came to visit. I could never really understand it though...I thought it was bizaar. Especially the eyelash curler and their nasty-smelling hairspray (why would anyone want to put something in their hair that smelled that bad?)