Jun 3, 2008


My little toddler is obsessed with make-up. I don't know where she gets it from... I don't use it very much. Frankly, there's no time, and as she ran off with my bag more than a week ago and I haven't tried to look hard for it, I haven't worn it at all for a while.

For some inexplicable reason, she loooooves make up. Everything becomes make-up in her hands: crayons, pens, markers... frankly with some funny results sometimes. I walked into the living room yesterday and found that squirt had been given magenta eyebrows and freckles by his loving older sister.

The other day I was flipping through a book with her that had pictures of animals, body parts, shapes... standard toddler board book.

Me: (showing her a picture of a sheep) What's that?

Jaws: Sheep!

Me: (Showing a picture of a tree) What's this?

Jaws: Tree!

Me: (Showing a picture of a nose) What's that?

Jaws: Nose!

Me: (Showing a picture of lips) What are these?

Jaws: Make up!

Admittedly the lips were shaded pink. But you can tell what's on her mind!

I'm not all that worried. I figure, let her get it out of her system while she can. Today she discovered a stash of old party favors. She took a heart-shaped container of purple lipgloss, found one of Loli's paintbrushes, and decorated her lips, eyes, eyebrows, MY lips, eyes, eyebrows and feet, and her sister's entire face, with the radioactively-grape smelling stuff.

I'm sorry now I didn't think to take pictures.


the nice one said...

this is a great unknown in my home too!!!

Putz said...

ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, you said to laugh with you, my grand hannah, yes that is hannah with two h's., two n's, and two a's had her hair all slicked up in goo that stuck like glue and then had it tinted strawberry{that is tony and shel's daughter, you remember tony and shel from 22 commetns on the iraq war....