Jun 28, 2008

delicious nachos...

This is what we had for dinner last night. It's so simple, I forget exactly how good it is to have delicious fresh guac, delicious fresh salsa, with quality chips and whole beans. I like Don Julio restaraunt style chips... not so heavy on the salt, not so heavyhanded on the oils, but really yummy flavor.

Nosurgirl's Guacamole:

2 ripe avocados (ripe meaning, press on the skin and it will yeild slightly. If you buy them green at the store, you can let them ripen up and they'll still be good... but not if they're TOO green, ie rock hard.)

1/3 cup mayo

1/2 tsp lemon juice

3 shakes of lemon pepper or lemon pepper seasoning

1/2 tsp onion powder

2 shakes paprika

1/4 tsp salt

Mash it all up and eat it fast; it's best very fresh.

My sister's heavenly salsa recipe:

4-5 tomatoes

1 onion

1/2 bunch cilantro

2 tsp lime juice or fresh lemon juice

pinch of cumin or ground cumin seed

1/2 jalapeno (it tastes even more delicious if you sear the pepper and remove the skin)

1 tsp salt

generous pinch of sugar

2 cloves garlic, crushed

grind it all up in a food processor until the particles are what size you like for salsa. In the grinding, I find it's good to grind the seasonings (garlic, jalapeno, esp) with a little of the tomato until it's completely liquified, then add it to the rest.

We like our chips with whole kidney and garbanzo beans, and perhaps some alfalfa sprouts.

Delicious, filling, nutritious vegetarian meal! And good for summertime, too.


Putz said...

is this something like the "mole" i ate in provo last thursday???

Jeremy said...

The Guacamole sounds great! I'll try it tomorrow.

NoSurfGirl said...

Lol. I forgot your campaign against cilantro, Jeremy.

I think that, like you, I have decided that cilantro is very very bad... but I make an exception when it is in mexican food.

Lucy Stern said...

Cilantro is a must in good Mexican Salsa.