Jun 22, 2008

Another 'do!

flat twists in front with hanging twists in back.
ohhhh... if only I could do these perfectly. I'm nit-picking... I'm sure that those who haven't done lots of hair themselves would not see what I'm seeing (uneven endings on the rows, strange pattern of the boxes),

anyway here it is, perfect or no. And the snaps almost make up for it... I LOVE the color orange and looking at this plastic head (scary as it is... and wierd as people think I am to have one) has brightened my month! Lol.

BTW, if any of you want to know where to go for the hair decorations I use, it's www.snapaholics.com. They have all sorts of great stuff for skin, hair (incl products) and cute cute hair accessories for braids, locs, and just straight hair too. My girls love'em and I get a lot of compliments even just putting a snap or two in their hair for Sundays, etc.

1 comment:

Putz said...

MAYBE ONE OF THOSE HAIR PIECES OUGHT TO BE FOR SQUIRT....when is he going to start working on the top of his head??