Jun 1, 2008

Embarrased about my wrinkles...

Sorry, for those of you who are viewing wrinkled paper right now. I tried to change it. I DID change it, but for some reason only firefox likes my changes, and not internet explorer!?!

The weird tempreramental vaugeries of the internet continue to astound and dismay.

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Putz said...

i do things on my computer and my computer says"i don't think so dave bowman" from odessey 2000...and i don't get to do what i want....i have a new church job which i cannot do...ward family history consultant...i am the computer expert on paf5, flash cubes etc. and when i tried to do a simple thing like get in i.g.i. it said"i don't think so putz" and i embarass myself to all my peers, i would like to wait until it gets easier but i will be dead by then i am sure