Dec 8, 2008

Meal chronicles, day 2

My husband is leaving town tommorrow morning for 6 days. As part of my moping, I did not cook tonight. Instead, we got chinese. Which is a good segwey into a topic very near and dear to would-be vegetarian hearts: where to go out to eat, if you want to find lots of vegetarian choices. Here is my list of suggestions:

Nice Italian places tend to have a handful of options that are absolutely divine. A certain famous local italian place (you who live by me know which I mean) has a to-die-for portabella ravioli, and their lobster ravioli is perhaps the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. (If you're OK with eating fish, that is.)

Indian Food has many vegetarian options. And they are all very delicious. In India, there are certain religious groups who are strict vegetarians, and they make up a large percentage of the population. And so you can expect to find what you need at an Indian restaurant. Malai Kofta is one of my all-time favorite vegetarian meals.

Thai food is very very heavy on the vegetables, and those Thai people know how to cook their veggies, let's just say that. Soooo goood. Oh my word. Peanut sauce is like ambrosia from heaven when it comes to spicing up a veggie stir fry. I'm still trying to find the best recipe to make at home... so far, nothing matches what I've had eating out.

Japanese: Again, if you're OK with fish... sushi. The first time you have it, you might find it wierd and scary. The second time you'll say, "I can see how someone might appreciate this." Then you'll start having dreams. You'll start salivating in your sleep. Pretty soon you'll be using every excuse to get sushi; birthdays, anniversaries, the relatives coming to town. You'll start glancing longingly at tins of flying fish eggs and nori sheets in the asian food aisle of the grocery store...
that's as far as I've gotten. Because Sushi is one thing I think I'm willing to pay someone else to make. At least at this point. But the bad thing is, it's pricey. We've found a relatively inexpensive place nearby, but it's still too much for us cheap people to have as a regular date.

Chinese places with a large selection tend to have enough vegetarian options to get by on. Even the cheap places.

Mexican food... that's a little harder. Usually they have one or two menu options, but usually they're pretty bereft of appeal... just cheese, beans, and rice or a mix thereof. But one of my favorites is Chile relleno. Any good mexican place with have a version of that dish.

If you're eating Greek food, Falafel is one of the most delicious vegetarian entrees. We enjoy falafel often in our family.

: Of course there's always the option of cheese. When we buy frozen pizza, we buy cheese or four-cheese, and pile veggies on it before we bake it. But the very, very best take-out vegetarian pizza is by far, Papa Murphy's gourmet veggie. Sooooo good.

English, German, Russian or Eastern European: really can't help you there. Pretty much expect to be able to handle just eating the bread and the salad. If you somehow wind up at one of these places (which, as a non-vegetarian, I absolutely loved), maybe order yourself a delicious drink or dessert to make yourself feel like it's worth it.

OK, and if you're dying for a fast food fix:

Taco bell. Has the most veggie options, though you have to realize their refried beans are probably made with animal fats. The 7-layer burrito is pretty good.

Other exampes: there are the sides, of course.

My favorites, when I need a fast food fix and I'm being strict are:

1) Curly fries at Arbys

2) Fried Mozzarella sticks at Arby's

3) Fried Zuchini at Carl's Jr.

4) Fish filet sandwich at McDonald's.

Not very good for you. But sometimes we need a junk food night. Just every once in a while, you know. On days where self-medication seems to be a good idea. LIke when your husband decides to go on a crazy trip to some wierd southern state and talk to a bunch of geeks about something you can't pronounce.

OK, done whimpering.


Putz said...

oh so skywalker left you alone to fend for yourself...rarts

Lucy Stern said...

I love 7-layer burritos!!! I think I can probably come up with some "meatless" meals if I really try...Thanks for the ideas.

David L said...

Just something to remember during the holiday season...

Fudge is ABSOLUTELY vegetarian.

Good luck with having your hubby out of the house. If you get lonely and need someone to cuddle with, I hear fudge is good for that too.

Putz said...

go to amsterdam holland and get indian curry on the waterfront...kzz delli, no meat and it is delics