Dec 14, 2008

People are waiting for me on Classmates

I've been getting weird messages in my inbox lately. Have you been getting them? Those ones from Classmates (which I think I might have done a free trial on, like, four years ago) that say, "Bob Jones is waiting for you, Nosurfgirl! Join classmates for 10.99 a month and see what messages you have recieved."

It's a little unnerving. Some of the names I actually recognize. And in the context of Mormon Culture the term "waiting for you" has some strange connotations. In a way, it's fun, though... I assume the information they pull is from people who have veiwed my profile. And so, seeing who has been nosy enough to look at mine (or just who has a little time to waste, and who possibly has some unresolved high-school issues) is a little entertaining. Maybe it's terrible of me, but I chuckle a little when I see which people have been used to try to entice me into paying a membership fee.

Let's face it. If I'm all that interested in keeping up high school associations... they're already being kept up. Know what I mean? I already have an email address or a phone number, or less that, I've added them on facebook. My high school friends (the ones that weren't more than that... and you figure out who is and who isn't pretty quickly after graduation) are good people. They are. And I admit I'm curious every once in a while as to what they're doing. But not enough to snoop around or join a service, or (I know, this is terrible) even attend any reunions.
And then there's this story that came out lately. I just don't understand the mindset of someone who has that much angst, still. I mean, I had those wallflower experiences... being a Mormon where I grew up warranted a bit of shunnage. Except from those who got to know me enough to see past that... and again, those are the people that I already talk to.

Obviously, some people still have a lot of angst about what happened at high school. It's a jungle! Which was why I was somewhat glad to leave it behind. And why I don't necessarily feel compelled to go back.


Fred said...

I know what you mean. I have some very close friends from high school and we've all managed to stay in touch. If I got an email like that, I'd delete it.

Anonymous said...

NoSurfGirl said...

Hey, Anony. You just linked to another version of the same article I linked to! Though I think yours is a better example of the story.

merrilykaroly said...

that should totally be illegal! I don't know why is so grabalicious (that's greedy in jamaican:) ) but they should really be more like facebook and make their money off advertisements or something... super annoying!