Dec 13, 2008

meals, day 7 (and the ward party of death)

So, this ward party was nice. Because there were cheesy potatoes in addition to the meat, rolls, and salad that are the usual fare. So I actually got something substantial! Bless the food planning committee for that.

Honestly though, ward functions are where it is hardest to be meat-free. Usually meat is the meal, with little else to garnish it. That is when I have the hardest time sticking to my (current, and past) principles.

I remember, for instance, one ward party which was a dutch-oven potluck. Everyone brought a meal in their dutch oven. And almost without exception (there might have been one or two meatless meals) none of it was Skywalker-friendly. At the time I was pregnant and a carnivore, so it wasn't as big a deal for me.

Skywalker is used to making potato-salad-potato chip burgers, dining heavily on salad, rolls, and deserts (not so good calorie-wise), or just making do with whatever meat-broth based soup is avaiable.

Not to say I don't appreciate ward stuff. I do. I love ward functions. And it is so wonderful that there are opportunities for wards to get together and eat and have a good time. Such great memories.

Tonight, with skywalker gone, I was flying solo. Not doing so well at it, either. At one point I had a squirming baby in my arms, a toddler racing back and forth across the stage with her pants falling off while a men's quartet attempted to sing, and a six year old crouched on the top of the stairs, trying to decide if she was brave enough to follow in her toddler-sibling's footsteps.

Honestly, that six year old. SOmetimes I wonder.

Anyway, We came home as soon as possible and my arms ache and I'm about ready to throttle someone.... so I'm calmly venting here on the blog before I read them goodnight stories and put them very much to bed. So that I can self-medicate by watching an old Buffy or Angel or possibly Bones episode.

G'night blogosphere. Tommorrow is another day.


Putz said...

lucky skywalker is so appretiated....i don't get to go to ward partiess much because of the is too much trouble to find out where my sugar rushes might be coming from, so i don't....almost everything a person eats turns into sugar even all your vegtable stuff turns into sugar eventually...right??????

Amanda said...

Tonight was our ward party too. We don't have that many kids in our ward and some really older lady who never had kids commented to my husband that she just wanted to go home and go to bed because she couldn't handle all the kids running around and wished quote "people would have more control over their kids." Of course the kids in our care were running around too. Ah well! =)

Janell said...

Definitely Buffy.

Is Bones any good? I've never seen an ep of that one.

NoSurfGirl said...


I love Bones. It's cheesy sometimes but it's such a fun show! if you can get past the initial decomposing/violently dead body. But that's kind of the point of the show... putting humanity into death.