Jul 18, 2010

LDS Humor: Interview with My Female Ancestors, by Haley

OK. Please go read this.

Maybe the feminist in me finds this funny, or maybe it's the comedian, I don't know. But please go read it and tell me what you think. The only problem with it, IMHO is that it's not long enough, at all.

*disclaimer* use of bible swearing. Which I don't mind, but I know there are some who do.


Hayley said...

you, my friend, rock.

I faithfully read your blog and am STUNNED and AMAZED at how brilliant you are. And your kids are beautiful. Done.

NoSurfGirl said...

Thanks, Hayley.

I think Akwardness is a strange thing... it leads to not trust. I felt a little akward having to figure out the tech/but I want to be friends not tech/patient thing.

TO be honest. I think CFC is a great place. And for some reasons I loved working there. For other reasons I utterly hated working there. Mostly because I hated being the enforcer. So I had to be, like... I don't know how to explain myself. Distant, in order to keep boundaries in place otherwhise boundaries would not have existed.

So... all that needs to go away now. You were my riend first, you are now my friend and for a really wierd piece of time I was your tech but let's forget about that, K?