Jul 17, 2010

Things We Say

Squirt (saunters slowly into the kitchen): Mom?

NSG (Busily making pb&h sandwiches): Yes?

Squirt (leans tiredly on NSG's leg): Mom, will you pick me up?

NSG: Sure! (Picks up squirt, gives him a hug.)

Squirt: Mom, your sandwiches are so... so juicy and sweet.

MayMay: Mom, when we get kneeled in the temple-

NSG: You mean sealed?

MayMay: Yes, sealed. Mama, when we get sealed in the temple will Grandma Allison be there?

NSG: Yup.

MayMay: And grandma Elaine?

NSG: Yup.

MayMay: And me and Bella will kneel but NOT Jaws or Loli!

(setting: a campsite with a broad, fast-running stream alongside it.)

Jaws: Mom, Squirt can't go by the river.

NSG: Nope. You tell me if you see him by it.

Jaws: OK. Because Mom? If he goes by the river he will fall into it and get washed away and we'll never see him again!

NSG: (reconsidering the frightening scenario she used to scare her 4-year-old daughter into obedience) Yes. But he won't go by the river so it won't happen. And you won't Either. I'm so glad.

Jaws: And then I would not have our brother! And we'd just keep having more girls!


Putz said...

how close are you to being kneeled in the bumple???????

NoSurfGirl said...

email me, Putz, at ttagyoureit@yahoo.com.

I figure if you can GET IN to the temple you're not someone to be frightened of... I wouldn't mind meeting you.

Josh said...

hehe. love it.

Putz said...

didn't work>>.yur e mail