Jul 1, 2010

The Onion--Stephenie Meyer Saves America

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

Thanks, Cait, for the tip-off.


merrilykaroly said...

Hahaha! She could always write a book from Renesmee's point of view... please don't give her that idea. Ugh.


Putz said...

you should not go making fun of tephie meyer, she is a million, billionaire and if i ever needed to be supported by someone finacially, she would be the one

Camilla said...

This is awesome. Osama is definitely Team Jacob- this makes perfect sense:)

NoSurfGirl said...

Hey now!

I mean, seriously. Given a choice between a stone-like, icy, emotionally distant, insecure vampire and a hot-blooded, demonstrative, exciting, tough-talking-but-really-all-melty-inside werewolf, which is the obvious choice?