Jul 27, 2010

Things We Say

MayMay: Mom, I don't want to finish my tater-tot--

NSG: You mean, Apricot?

MayMay: Yes, Apricot. Mom, I don't want to finish my apricot because I just brushed my teeth and I don't want to make them all Sugar-y.

Jaws: I want to play Princess Games! (pout, looks out from under eyebrows).

MayMay: Of COURSE, Rusie. We can.

Setting: Burlington coat factory. NSG is looking in the kids' aisle for white clothing for Squirt, which he will need on Saturday when the Nosurf Family gets sealed in the temple.

(A family walks by. The father is black, with neat, small dreadlocks pulled back in a ponytial. The mother looks like she might be latin. The baby is biracial, with hair like Bella's and MayMay's, and skin approximately the color of hot chocolate.)

Squirt: (Stands up in cart, waves wildly) Hello, little sister!!!

Dad of stranger family: (Big Grin, busts up)

NSG: (Loud Laughter almost akin to covenant breaking)

Nosurf Girls: (Lots of hysterical giggling)

The two families walk away, grinning to themselves.

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