Feb 25, 2007


So, Today, Sunday, I watched Saturday's Warrior because I have to listen to things while I do the dishes or else I go insane.

And Of course, on Sunday I'm not going to listen to NPR, even though my favorite program, "wait wait, don't tell me", broadcasts on Sunday. Because I'm a good Mormon girl. So instead, I went to BYU TV's website, where you can watch all the programs that have been broadcast on BYU TV for the last month, and saw that Saturday's Warrior ran last night at 12 am.

Just out of morbid curiosity, I turned it on.

And, amazingly enough, shed a tear or two.

But the BEST part-- OK, get ready for this--

the male lead's name:

Eric Hickenlooper.



Lucy Stern said...

There are lots of lessons to learn in that movie....I like it and always cry too.

merrilykaroly said...

I watched that movie again my sophomore year at BYU. By myself. Late at night. No matter how much I've made fun of that movie and the music, I have to admit that I also shed a tear or two when no one was watching!

I'm really hoping that my hubby will agree to naming our firstborn child Hickenlooper Karoly. It has a ring to it, don't you think?

NoSurfGirl said...

hickenlooper Karoly--

watch out. He may become a politician.