Feb 2, 2007

My baby has thrill issues


Everyone knows that the vacuum and small children don't mix very well. Even my little five year old will run and sit on the couch when I vacuum, because that way it won't eat her. The couch is the safe haven. The couch is off-limits to the terrifying beast that somehow drags Mom along by her arm and makes her do menial house chores when she'd obviously rather be playing blocks or reading Dr. Seuss. So the couch is where one should go, as soon as mom lugs it into the living room. Right?

Not according to Jaws.

What Jaws does, when mom brings out the vacuum:

Crawl slowly toward it. Reach out a tentative finger and touch the top of it. When mom plugs it in, quickly scuttle backward a few paces and wait for it to begin it's roaring path across the floor. Consider it curiously for a moment or two and then sit up, whimper and stare at mom with an imploring expression.

So then, I put her on the couch with Loli. Here's what Jaws does next:

Immediately, she scoots off the couch and makes a fast track for the vacuum. Jaws stops within a few paces, ponders for a moment, and then her face twists into an expression of pure terror. She howls, and mom picks her up. Jaws' whole body is shaking, and she looks down at the vacuum. She giggles.

I'm kind of scared to see how this develops as she gets older and the vacuum loses its thrill factor.

All I have to say is, I'm not going bunjee jumping, I hate roller coasters and skydiving is out of the question. I'm content to keep my hobbies non life-threatening.

She's gonna have to go with her dad.


Sherpa said...

Sounds like Jaws is showing the first signs of being an adrenaline junky! Good Luck!!!

White Forest said...

hey nice template!

Janell said...

I hope you don't have any long flights of stairs where you live!

Lucy Stern said...

We have some of both in our family.