Feb 9, 2007

Off she goes--

My little sis just went to the MTC this past wednesday.

It was odd.

I felt happy, nervous, and a little jealous, which I definitely wasn't expecting. I mean, I have my own things that have helped me to grow, and gosh, they've made me grow up fast. And in some ways, I'm left a little immature-- my maturation process has been spotty.

But see-- there's the major evidence of my immaturity. I am SO SELF CENTERED sometimes. I just realized this the other day. I'm always in my head, always thinking about how things affect me, possibly extending this to my children and my spouse, instead of focusing on the world around me.

But no more.

Cait, you're an inpsiration to me. Love.


Maren said...

That's neat about your sister.

I seem to have to learn everything the hard way. If there were an easier way for me, that isn't the path I tend to take. I admire people who seem to make the right choices from the beginning and have lives that flow and go well without all of the unnecessary struggle that I have seemed to have chosen.

Lucy Stern said...

You will get better as you get older.. I'm happy for your little sister, she'll come back a woman. Send her a letter every week. My daughter waited for her letters. Where is she going?

nosurfgirl said...

lucy-- sorry I didn't reply. I've been slacking again.

She's going to Taiwan. How amazing is that?

merrilykaroly said...

goooo caits!