Feb 9, 2007

Ethiopian Adoption 5

So, I haven't blogged about our Ethiopian Endeavor lately--

mostly because I think I have this tendency to not journal/blog/write about things that stress me out a little.

But now I feel like I'm at another standing point-- we've taken care of a great deal of things on our list.
Namely, #'s 1-7, half of #9 (my half, Skywalker's swamped with work right now, but he says he'll try to get to it this Sunday,) 10-12, We've asked people to do #13 already and it goes with the homestudy, and #15.

So left to do is: Collect the references, get the homestudy done (we applied for it and paid for it today), finish and send bios, recieve and fill out a power of attorney form, two immigration forms, and lastly, the first half of the adoption fees (3,750) before we get put on an eighteen-to-twenty-four month waiting list.

It will feel good, to finally be on the waiting list. But we've still got a little bit to go.


Lucy Stern said...

Sounds like a ton of work....

blondie said...

The more you do, the more productive you feel you are becoming during the adoption process. It is only when you stop that the doubts, fears and anxiety really show themselves.

My husband and I are in the process of the 'homestudy' as you call it in the US. Everything looks good at the moment, but it took a lot of soul searching to get this far. I know what you are going through.

You can only take one step at a time, when you can. It is a long process but the wait will be so worth it.