Sep 27, 2006

Ethiopian Adoption 2

So today, I looked through all the paperwork from the homestudy agency, and all of the paperwork from AFAA and made a comprehensive list of the things I need to get/do to prepare my dossier:

along with the adoption application & 2 copies of it, and the 250 fee,

1) birth certificates for everyone in the family-- a certified copy and 3 photocopies of each.

2) certified marriage liscence and 3 photocopies.

3) Divorce decree and 3 photocopies.

4) Afaa finacial form-- notorized, and including past 3 yrs federal tax returns (signed) and W-2's (original and 4 copies). A bank letter stating checking and savings account balances (original and 2 copies).

5) Afaa medical form- notarized. (original and 1 copy). This includes a complete physical for every adult member of the household, and the Dr. has to write a letter that states that we are in good health and have no infectious diseases. This has to be signed, and they need 2 photocopies.

6) Color photos of each individual in the home and photos of the main rooms of the home, and photos of the exterior of the home (2 sets).

7) Passport photos of Skywalker and I.

8) Homestudy (no more than 6 months old)- 2 notorized originals and 1 photocopy.

9) autobiographies of both parents about important life experiences- 3-4 pages long + 1 page for each marriage. Signed and dated- original and 1 copy each.

10) Employment verification letter on company letterhead, including salary and date of hire- original and 2 copies.

11) Local police clearance for those over 18. On police letterhead, with full name and address of the individual recieving clearance, dated-- original and 2 copies.

12) State or county child abuse registry clearance for those over 18- original and 2 copies.

13) three signed reference letters from non-relatives (originals and 2 copies).

14) Letter to the government of Ethiopia stating why we want to adopt from their country-- one typed page. (Original and 2 copies.)

15) Verification of medical insurance for the adopting parents and the adopted child.

16) Power of attourney form.

And the homestudy has a detailed list of what the social worker needs to include, as well.


I now know why they estimate a month to get paperwork done.

BUt it is all worth it. Definitely.

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Lucy Stern said...

Good grief, so many hoops to jump thru. Good luck.