Sep 8, 2006

Ethiopian Adoption 1

I got my homestudy paperwork in the mail in the middle of last week. I'm going to start gathering materials next Monday; that's my plan. My only real concerns are these:

1) The letters of reference. Not that We don't have people that like us and thing we'd be good adoptive parents, just that I can't think of many people in that category who aren't insanely busy or, well, a tad flaky.

2) I'm scared of social workers. Just a little scared. But I'll have to get over that fast, won't I?

3) Our house. We're renting. According to the info that AFAA sent us, this will not be an impediment to our adopting. But will it be a mark against us that could add up with other marks against us and possibly make us a less-desirable adoptive family? And our house has only 3 bedrooms, and by the time the adoption is complete, we'll most likely have 5 kids (including the two we're planning to adopt). Is our house too small for 5? I don't think so. But will They think so?

4) The Moola. I found out that the first half of the fees are due before we're put on the waiting list, which we'd like to accomplish by January, or February if un-anticipated things happen. We still have to pay back BIL 4,500, so that means we need to have saved a total of around 10,000 by January (Inc. the 4,500). I think we could possibly do it, but it will be close. I personally do not want to go into debt for this, if we can help it... We're not hugely well off,and if our economy is as in trouble as it seems, I don't want to be in a vulnerable position, economically.

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Janell said...

There's little that scares a mother more than learning that your child could be taken away from you (or in this case, prevent a child from becoming a part of your family). Social workers have that power of influence. Sure, I doubt they abuse it and are thrilled to see good situations for children, but the threat still exists.