Sep 2, 2006

Good News

My little sis is doing well, she is going to be with her baby, who is in an NICU in a town a couple of hours away.

Holy Cow, Soooo glad she's allright.

And on a very much even more positive note, my little sis (a different one, NOT the one who just had an emergency C) sent me a pic of her (yes, that's her doing the splits, the little firebrand) ballroom dancing at a recent competition of hers.
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Bear in mind that she's sending in her mission papers in a couple of months.

She's gonna set the mission field on fire.


Lucy Stern said...

Glad you sister did alright with her emergency C Section. I hope the baby will be OK.

Where does your little sister want to go on her mission? Any Preferences? We teased my daughter telling her that she would probably get the Temple Square mission, then got surprised when she got SLC South. You can't get much closer. She will be in Utah next week for work and she is really excited. She is hoping to go see some of the people she taught on her mission. Well, good luck to you sisters.

NoSurfGirl said...

Yes, my sister and her baby are doing well. Just talked to her today, and I guess there are only 2 tubes and 1 monitor left to go. They're going to be able to take her home in a week or so, by current forecasts.

We've teased my pre-mission sister about temple square as well-- she's planning on more of November, though. Hasn't finished her papers yet.

Sherpa said...

glad everyone is doing well.

Yeah, I had a dream when my papers were in that I was going to a place that started with a C and I had to wear a coat. I was sure I was going to colorado (i grew up 20 miles from the border) or maybe canada.

Funny thing though, I got my call to Chile

texasblu said...

Been awhile since I stopped by - moving pains. So much happens!! Amazing things happen in the NICU these days... I know what you mean by little sisters... all of mine are grown now. Just have one brother left who's 17... geez. I suddenly feel old. lol!

Orion's Mom aka texasblu

Maren said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sister and her baby. I'm glad they are alright. Yikes. Scary stuff.

Garry said...

I'm glad your sis and the baby are doing ok, I know how stressed I was when my little sister was going through her two deliveries, and those were normal births with no complications. Hope the baby can go home soon...

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