Sep 28, 2006

My new favorite presidential candidate

Dave Barry.

Here is a section of the interview he did with Reason magazine:

From an interview in Reason magazine conducted by Glenn Garvin:

Reason: Do you ever get complaints that you're making people cynical?

Dave Barry: Every now and then, when I write my annual tax column, some ex-IRS agent will complain, "There you go IRS bashing again." They're always saying that they're just doing their job. Someone I know once said, "You could get another job."

Reason: In your column I detect a certain skepticism at the notion that congressional spending creates jobs.

Dave Barry: Of all the wonderful things government says, that's always been just about my favorite. As opposed to if you get to keep the money. Because what you'll do is go out and bury it in your yard, anything to prevent that money from creating jobs. They never stop saying it. They say it with a straight face and we in the press will write that down. We will say, "This is expected to create x number of jobs." On the other hand, we never say that the money we removed from another part of the economy will kill some jobs.

Go Dave!!


Maren said...

I love Dave Barry

Jeremy said...

Wow! If he's running he has my vote too!

NoSurfGirl said...

I think he's made a joke of possibly running before-- but I haven't seen his name in any of the early polls.

Too bad, huh?

Lucy Stern said...

I suppose I should go check this guy out. Never heard of him.

NoSurfGirl said...


he's a humor columnist for the Miami Herald.

He's hi la rious. I'd reccomend checking some of his columns out Here.

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