Sep 8, 2006

The Art of Sprouting Isn't Hard to Master

So, I have this piece of paper taped to my computer. It says "Rinse Sprouts."

This is because I have ruined one batch of seeds, and nearly another in the last two days because I'm trying a new thing with my sprouts. I'm putting them in the pantry as they grow so that, hopefully, they'll grow longer. Particularly the sunflower sprouts... They were only about an inch long last time. I want long sunflower sprouts!!

Sprouting is So Neat. You can sprout any seed, including but not limited to alfalfa, clover, broccoli, any green veggie pretty much,

and grains such as wheat, barley, or any other that you wish. And they're SO GOOD FOR YOU.

and they make a kick-butt addition to a salad. MMMM.
One Caution- be careful to rinse often as you sprout, and remove matter that looks as if it's no longer growing. Salmonella can grow in sprouts. Alfalfa, in particular, has been shown to have this problem.


texasblu said...

i did that... had to throw the whole bunch out. haven't tried it since. :S

NoSurfGirl said...