Feb 18, 2007

Save Them From Such a Day

I thought that I would *try* to do a themed post every week, like some really cool bloggers do. I thought that, for my theme, I would do a "social responisibility moment" every monday.

Don't count on it yet, though-- we'll see how it goes. Sometimes the macaroni on the ceiling has priority over blogging.

This first item is a presentation that I put together for a class that I took years ago in college. The subject that I was given to present on was genocide, hatred, and violence.

This montage is what I came up with. There are some disturbing images, though I didn't use obviously graphic ones. As I was gathering the pictures for this, it hit home, really hard, for me, that all of us are God's children.

I hope you take a moment and think of this as well as you watch it.


merrilykaroly said...

That was a very nice slideshow. Well, interesting anyway. And sad. But good.

NoSurfGirl said...


not something to watch for entertainment value :)

I find that something clicks with me when I think about the suffering that goes on in the world-- I feel less disillusioned with my own life of luxury, because it helps me decide to do what I can to change things, and not overindulge myself.