Feb 18, 2007

more new people

I have two more people to add: My cousin who hates vegetables but eats them anyway who just got married and is possibly the most hilarious person I know,

and her new husband who is apparently a keeper. Who is also funny. Who helped convince me to go to the singles ward, which inadvertently lead to me marrying Skywalker, for which I'm forever grateful.

Along with that, I think I need to post about a friend whose blog has been in my roll for a while--

who is also funny, and a French teacher, and possibly a PhD candidate sometime in the near future. She also likes her towels clean. Very, very clean. It's a good thing she's not my sister. Actually, other than the towels thing, and the fact that I'm too loud-mouthed and opinionated for my own good, I don't think we would have done to badly as sisters, if such were the case.

And also, I have finally updated Jeff (confessions of a Mormon Liberal)'s website. Its new title is "the multifaceted me."

I only know jeff as a blogger, and all I can say is he's a really cool, tolerant person whom I tend to agree with on political issues more than I don't.

So that's all.


Maren said...

Happy late Valentine's Day to you! Our actual valentine's day was spent snowed in while Jeff was out of town on a business trip. The makeup dinner for it was nice though.

I am with you on the vaccine thing. We felt inspired to wait on vaccinations for Reilly and are so glad we did. With all of his allergies and health problems who knows what might have happened.

Janell said...

Yay! The husband of the anti-vegetable cousin has actually been updating his blog! Yet another person whom I was acquainted with in real life whose internet life can now fill the lonely gaps of my life as I wait for ridiclously slow websites and search engines to load. Hurrah!

Margaret said...

Thanks for the shout-out - and those are some of my favorite people, too. Keepers, all of 'em. :) Plus you. :)

merrilykaroly said...

oops! I forgot to tell you that I DON'T eat them anyway (very often). But I appreciate you keeping that little detail a secret. Especially in case my parents are reading! *Gulp* I'm working on it, I guess. And I attribute any and all success to my cousins and your plans for a "green meal."

Jeff said...

Thanks for the plug, nosurf. Living in Utah, I don't find too many people who agree with my politics, so I'm glad there are some online.