Jun 6, 2006

electronics geeks

So last night, my husband and I went and did a tinfoil dinner with our brothers and sisters at a nearby park. It was very nice. I like tinfoil dinners better as a vegetarian.

Skywalker brought his little gas-flame lighter to light the campfire. It was well used, and by the time we brought all of our stuff back home, it no longer worked. Skywalker likes his little gadgets, and so I thought he'd be sad. He examined it and said the gas was all used up, but it was no big deal because he could just get another one from the dollar store.

And then he said that he's been waiting for it to break, anyway, because he wanted to take it apart and play with the electric sparking mechanism inside.

Girls, beware of electronics geeks. Don't let them around your electronic gadgets. They may just find a reason why to take them apart.

Anyway, when I asked him why he was interested in playing with something that produces electric sparks, he got an absolutely evil look on his face and said, "need you ask?"

This from the man who shoots broccoli rubber bands at people. And if you eat broccoli on a regular basis, you understand why this is significantly evil.

Well, he messed around with his toy and accidentally fixed it. That tends to happen to Skywalker a lot--- he accidentally figures out how to fix things.

So now it works. So he can't have the electric shock thingy after all. Ha hahahahaha.. Too bad for him.

I think I'm going to buy some broccoli today.

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