Jun 15, 2006

What to do?

I had something really devastating happen to me a few years ago, and it got a lot of media. It was not a pleasant experience. I spent several months having to avoid cameras and potential interviewers and random people calling me and sending me unwanted mail asking me to do their news shows, etc.

I did one news show, because they marketed it to me as an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue surrounding my unhappy experience, namely pornography and its tie to emotional abuse in a marriage relationship.

I lived to regret it, because they sold their footage to all of the local news stations, who used it, when the next major event in the court case surrounding my situation occurred.

I've had people from the Montel Williams show continue pursuing me over the past few years. I've hemmed and hawed with them... They have also painted it as an opportunity to raise awareness, about adversity and making it through adversity, and about pornography/emotional abuse, and what a woman should do in the situation I was in, etc. I want to raise awareness, and I think that this may be a unique experience. But you know? One burned, twice shy or whatever the correct cliche is.

This lady has called me again. She has switched over to another show, a new one, by some young psychologist guy who was made famous by Oprah. And again, I'm hemming and hawing.

I want to raise awareness. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to express how my testimony of the Gospel and my faith has gotten me through a difficult time. Also a wonderful time to speak out against pornography to an audience who perhaps thinks of it as innocuous.

But what if they twist it? What if they make it into something sensationalized and trashy?

Or what if my ex husband is hurt by it, even though I have asked for no pictures of him to be shown and for his last name to be withheld?

Should I do it?


Ed said...

Yar, I don't know... personally, I would do it. Can't you get them to sign a contract so you're certain they don't sell the footage?

NoSurfGirl said...

I'll ask about that... thanks.

NoSurfGirl said...

So, the general consesus (by email) seems to be that I should just go with my original gut instinct and tell her not to call me again ;)

Thanks, I really appreciate all your guys' support... I don't feel as schizoprhenic about this anymore. I think I can just tell her to go away and not feel the slightest twinge of guilt ;)

texasblu said...

Always trust those instincts - and the spirit. :)

Lucy Stern said...

Yes, trust your instincts. I am with the "don't do it" crowd. I think there has to be another way to make people aware of the devestation of pron. Maybe you could write a book using false names and turn it into a novel. Turn this over to the Lord and he will guide you to CTR.