Jun 16, 2006

new names and my woeful tale

So my husband wants me to give our family fake names so that nobody can identify us in this world-wide-web community. Which is understandable. Thus,I have renamed him Luke Skywalker because his 70's honda motorcycle reminds me of the speeder Luke flies around in the original version of Episode III. My daughter will be lolipoloholic because of our sugar-war, and my baby will be Jaws, which I think is self-explanatory. I will remain nosurfgirl.

I have to get a root canal today. (Imagine that in a plantive whine.) OK, I know I'm a wimp. And I just had a baby naturally. So I should be able to handle this. But there's something so much more scary about pain that invovles sharp implements and a tender area of one's mouth.

Sorry if that's TMI. If you want, if it will make you feel better, post any grody dental stories as comments on this post.

Anyway, Jaws just had a major diaper explosion that will definitely invovle spray'n'wash and lolipopoholic has yet to assume clean panties.

How am I going to manage life as an invalid for the next two days? OK, I did it for two weeks after Jaws was born. But I had my mother there. And Skywalker has taken care of me for four weeks already... I feel so bad trying his patience further this weekend. Not that he woudl be anything but patient... that's skywalker for you.

Which just makes me feel a little guiltier. Oh well.

I will floss religiously for the rest of my life, this much I have learned.


Lucy Stern said...

From what I have read from some of your previous posts, it is probably best to stay anonymous.

Good luck with your root canal. I had one and it was a kind of a horror story. Advil worked the best with the pain. I also used some orajel on the area to numb it and that helped. Let your husband help with the baby and you will do fine.

NoSurfGirl said...

Thanks, Lucy. ;)

Maren said...

With what you have been through, I would be anonymous too.

How did the root canal go? I've been through that too. Not fun. I hope you are recovering well from that.

NoSurfGirl said...

It was a lot better than I thought. I guess everything was dead anyway, so it didn't hurt at all. Whew. Thanks for askin'.

Sherpa said...

I had a root canal a few months ago, hadn't been able to schedule the permanent filling...and the temporary filling has been coming out the past week...not looking forward to the next visit.

NoSurfGirl said...

yeah... I'm not looking forward to the next one, either. I hope yours goes well :)