Jun 12, 2006


I don't know why, but recently my baby has not been able to keep up with me. Milk-wise, I mean. If you've ever breastfed an infant, you know what sort of logistical problem this presents. I almost feel like I ought to confine myself in my house, away from all decent society that may be embarrassed by evidence of lactation. You know. As we all know, anything having to do with the actual breast is taboo in public.

But then, is it really fair to confine us lactators to our teeny dark basement apartments? Shouldn't the dedication invovled in breastfeeding and mothering the next generation be rewarded by admiration and interest in the ongoing lactation issues that we, the lactators, are so beset with? I would think so.

The other day I had to emergency breast feed my daughter in public. I had at least half of my grocery list left, and baby was not taking pacifier for an answer. So, I sat down at a display of plastic patio furniture and just fed her right there. I got a few wierd looks. Mostly from the young, un-married sector. Ah well, who cares what they think anyway. They're still under the impression that leg-shaving and hair-blowdrying is necessary... who would want to live under that kind of social pressure? I'm sooooo glad that I'm no longer single. I was a single parent for a while, and that was the hardest place to be: lactating, with the additional social expectation of immaculate appearance.

I am so grateful for Skywalker. And for my two daughters. Being a mom of babies is my dream come true. I feel grateful that it came true for me... I know that some have not had the blessing of children. I don't know why I have been blessed... but lactation is a small price to pay for it.


texasblu said...

I struggled with some of these feelings with my first two...then my Coppertop came along, and I relized that it shouldn't be such a battle. Should we let Babylon dictate to us what is right and what is wrong? I think not. I find the mother's room at church a haven from the other siblings while I nurse - not as a means to shut me out. I nurse all the time in public now - which is hard with A.R. since he gets so mad he arches his back and screams until I squirt some milk in his mouth... but that's the way it goes. I just look at the people staring & smile sweetly - & they either smile back or move quickly on. Either way, works for me.

Lately my biggest problem has been getting dehydrated and not having enough milk for the twins. Living in Idaho, I don't think about the fact that I need even MORE water than I would in East Texas - SIGH. We're getting into a routine finally - at the threshold of 4 mos! I just keep thinking of Nephi, and that his wife surely suffered from dehydration and lack of calories, and STILL she waxed strong and "gave plenty of suck". (BTW - Do you think they hid from everyone when they nursed? LOL!) I take a lot of heart in that, and pray that even though I'm a little dense on the whole dry air issue, that I'll give plenty of suck too. :) (see Nephi 17:2)

HUGZ - you're doing great!

NoSurfGirl said...

You're right-- it's funny how babylon has a problem with breasts when they're used in a celestial way, but no problem at all if they're supposed to be 'dirty'.

LOL nephi's wife. You're right. Did you listen to the pioneer commemoration broadcast? There were a couple of sad stories about babies who lost their moms, one who died from malnutrition because the mom couldn't feed it. We do have a lot to be grateful for.
Thanks for your comment.