Jun 14, 2006

Skywalker's new Job

OK, he got a job offer and accepted it. Yay!!! We're so excited. But I'm also incredibly nervous. This means I no longer have starving student excuses. I have to try to prepare healthy meals and keep my home in order, and not half-neglect my kids. Which is wonderful!! I love that I have so much time with my kids... but.

This is it. I'm now a full-time mom. And for some reason, that's a little scary for me. I know it won't change ME. I'll still be fun and intelligent and capable. But will the world view me differently because I don't have a full-time job?

Probably. But it's time to start not caring about that stuff.

And oh, I am so excited to have my kids all to myself all day. Really, really.


texasblu said...

Remember - the world is babylon - you have the truth. You'll do fine! :)

Margaret said...

Hee hee! I am SOOOOO excited for you guys!! And, frankly, excited that you'll be staying around this general area for a while longer, too. :)

Lucy Stern said...

It doesn't matter what the world thinks. You know Pres. Hinckley says we are a peculiar people. It really doesn't matter what other people think. I have been a full time mom for 28 years now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Do they have an American Mothers chapter in your area. It kept me sane when my kids were young. Good luck, you will survive.