Jun 26, 2006

girly movies

What is your favorite chick movie?

Mine used to be While You Were Sleeping, in part because of the skidding bicycle scene. But mostly because of Bill Pullman, who makes a very attractive romantic interest. And Sandra Bullock who is a nice fiesty heroine in just about every movie she does. Now Bill Pullman looks kind of old... that was really his only hot movie.

Then it was How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days... which is not the best movie in the world. There's a lot of crude stuff in it. Sigh. Why does such a good movie have to have so much garbage? At any rate, Mattew McConaghuey is a very attractive love interest in that movie, and is very attractive in every movie he does. Do men study how to be attractive? For instance, did Mattew McConaghuey watch old Carey Grant and Clark Gable movies on a big-screen projector and pause them at crucial "attractive guy" points and evaluate them with his attractiveness coach? Probably not.

Now, my favorite movie is the move Love Actually (the edited version). How do you feel about watching edited movies? I used to be totally against it, and then I watched one accidentaly at my workplace (people brought it to watch during the night shift, and I didn't know it was an edited movie, an edited R movie, no less) and it was perfectly squeaky. I had no problem with the movie after editing. It could practically be a disney movie. So, Ironically, while I cannot reccomend How To Lose A Guy because of innappropriateness, I CAN reccomend Love Actually (the edited version) because it has nothing. Nada. Well, maybe one swear word.

I know... it's still not a good idea to support R movies. But... isn't it a good idea to support the editing-movie industry, if we feel so strongly about not watching garbage? Plus... there's a lot of good out there. I dunno. What do you think? You can comment and tell me what you think.

And that movie has LOTS of attractive guys in it. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Niesen (who I love with all my heart), Alan Rickman, and lots of other british guys I don't know who are very attractive.

You know (and this is very cheesy) every single romantic interest in any movie that I find slightly attractive reminds me of skywalker.

I guess that's what being in love is. Or one aspect of it, rather.

Here are a few pics for the heck of it.

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Maren said...

I would go for the edited version of "Love Actually". I saw the unedited version (well fast forwarded through major parts of it). Since then I have decided to be more particular about what I watch. I love movies that have singing in them. I liked the singing at the wedding in Love Actually and the part with Hugh Grant dancing to "Jump".

I used to love "Best Friends Wedding" for the same reason--the scene with Rupert Everett and company singing. Ella Enchanted has a fun scene of singing too.

NoSurfGirl said...

hmmm... we have the same taste!

I LOVED the singing in that wedding, and "I'll say a little prayer for you" has to be one of my most favorite scenes in a girly movie... and I LOVED the "somebody to love" from Ella. The rest of the movie I kinda chuckled thru--- that scene was so much fun.