Jul 12, 2006


An inspiring video. Made me tear up, which doesn't happen to me often ;) Info about this: This is a father-son team. The son was oxygen deprived at birth, and so has been wheelchair-bound his whole life. He communicates to his family through a computer set up to type through eye-movements. One time, he wanted to participate in a 5-K run sponsored by his community, and so his dad said he would push him in his wheelchair. Dad had never done racing before at this point. They came in 2nd to last. This inspired Dad to train several hours a day so that he could enter himself and his son into marathons, and eventually, triathalons. The son (Rick) loves athletics and competition, and so Dad (Dick) makes it possible for him to participate. Rick has graduated from college, and is now working on a project to give more people who are paralyzed the ability to communicate through eye movements.


Maren said...

I have read and seen a lot about the Hoyts recently. Very inspiring story.

The blog Mormon Mommy Wars has done a 4 part post about Rick Hoyt. She worked for them and took care of Rick for 2 years.


Fred said...

Wow - what a great video. Thanks for finding and posting it.

NoSurfGirl said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the link, Maren. Great blog. :)