Jul 21, 2006

carmelized breakfast

This morning, I woke up and realized we're out of soy milk and eggs, and we have no vegetables to speak of.

I could make oatmeal, but I just can't stomach the thought of eating it without soy milk.

So this morning, much to loli's delight, we are having cinnamon toast for breakfast. And I will go grocery shopping...

right after I give out 'new sister' sheets to two ward members,

and after my presidency meeting which will last at least until noon,

and after I put a load of laundry in at my mother's condo (so nice of her to use the facilities, but with a 4 person family that necessitaties a daily trip).

So that's pretty much all of my day, except for loli's school. Have I mentioned that we homeschool? Here's a website that is a cheesy but accurate description of why. http://www.raisingsmallsouls.com/wp-content/themes/179/aschool.html

I was one of those who was good at one sujbect and not so great at another... etc.

So I have decided that my children will not be labeled. Maybe later on in their education (high school) if they want to try conventional schooling, we'll experiment and see how it goes.

Loli is already a reader. Holy cow! I never thought I'd be able to teach anyone how to read, and here I am. And here she is, 4 years old. I'm going to go find a 'bob book' sometime soon for us to start practicing more. Right now we use the scrabble set. She loves it.

Well, off to make our carmelized breakfast.

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Fred said...

That was a pretty cool slideshow. As a teacher, I have a great deal of respect for those that homeschool. It's a tough job; I hope it's going well for you.