Jul 31, 2006

move and scramble

You know what I love? Moving.

No, not really. But I love SOME things about moving:

you get to learn from your previous slight disorganization and reorganize everything better.

You find books you never read that you have always want to, some of which you do not recognize.

You find herbal suppliments that you do not recognize, and are mostly expired. But you decide you're going to use them anyway ;)

You get to meet new neighbors.

You get to start fresh with a new garden plot that hasn't been jinxed by a couple of seasons worth of shriveled, stunted vegetable plants.

You get a bathtub this time!! (well, this probably only applies to my situation.)

Your fingernails are really really dirty for a couple of days, and then really really clean for a couple of days. (moving, then white-glove cleaning).

You have an excuse to eat fast food because all your dry goods are in one house and all your produce, in another, and so there's not much you can make for meals. (or so you say to your husband... it's really that you can't stomach the thought of COOKING A MEAL in the midts of moving and cleaning.)

People suddenly tell you how much they wish you were staying, and you almost wish you were... but the addition of 700 square feet of room kinda swings you in the glad you're moving direction. But it's neat to know that people like you.

So, I won't be posting much for a couple of weeks, until we get internet installed. Unless one of our neighbors lets us share their wireless for a bit. I'll miss posting while I'm gone!!!


Fred said...

I used to love spending time in the years mowing. Unfortunately, now that I'm older, I just write a check each month, and there's no equipment to worry about.

Maren said...

Aw, my comment didn't show. Oh well...must've gotten lost in the move. *smile*

Hope all is going well.