Jul 13, 2006

Skywalker's work

We're currently hunting a house while the sky is falling.

Ok, it's not that bad. It's just that Skywalker's job has taken a new turn (in the month since he accepted it, and keep in mind that it's a 6 month-old business).

His employers (3 independently wealthy entrepreneurs) have decided to part ways on this one. So now, two of the employees that Skywalker was planning on being able to work with and pick their brain and be trained by will no longer be available after 2 weeks. So he is scrambling to pick as much white matter as possible in the next fortnight.

Even scarier-- they're moving offices. And we're not sure WHERE they're moving to! And we're trying to find an apartment-- our contract is up on August first.

Ack. OK, so there are good things about being a starving college student as opposed to being Actually Employed. When you're a student, if your boss messes up, you get out of the final. When you're employed, well, you're just out of luck.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Sherpa said...

Oy, I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Fred said...

Good luck!

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