Jul 9, 2006

a houseful of blondes

We got back from our vacation yesterday. It is so nice to spend time with family. It was an extended family reunion for four days... how fun is that.

My entire family is musical. I have a cousin majoring in performance on a certain instrument at BYU, and another working for her PhD in performance at another university. Lots of us have music minors, and one cousin is thinking of music education, like I did several years ago.

We sang "come thou fount of every blessing" in sacrament meeting. What a wonderful thing it is to be with family-- there's just something about the way they understand you, the way many of them enjoy the same things you do (like hiking and outdoors, for instance), the way that many of them even look somewhat like you. My husband almost hugged my cousin a couple of times because we look the same from behind. And we both just had babies (within 4 days of each other).

So it was fun, other than the car fiasco. Which made it so we didn't get to go on the family hike. But there's always next year, right? Of course, right.

My little brother starred as Fyedka in our little community's production of "fiddler on the roof."

I think he should take up folk dancing. The little blonde minx.


Maren said...

Ah, a family reunion, I wondered where you were. Families are just great. I love musical families too. We have some of that. My grandfather was a composer and always playing and singing at the piano. Music really speaks to my soul. And I love it when family members get together and sing harmony.

Most of all, though, my family are artists. My two sisters are professional illustrators and my mother is one of the most artistic people I have ever known. She is amazing.

NoSurfGirl said...

Isn't it so much fun to have an artistic family? Especially when some of them do things that amaze you to no end.

noelle feather said...

I LOVE that song! "Come Thou Font Of Every Blessing". :)

Lucy Stern said...

I am a convert to the church and am the only member in my family in the church. The only family reunion I have ever been to was 25 years ago. It was for my mothers side of the family and it really was fun. I got to meet people I had only heard my mom talk about. My daughter wants to have a family reunion, but with our family so spread out (from Hawaii to Switzerland) I just don't know how we will pull it off.

We had a family in our ward that was musically talented. When the sisters would come to visit they would sing at our sacrament meetings and it was like listening to angels sing. Hummm.....

Glad you had a good time.

NoSurfGirl said...

I also love that song. The BYU choirs rendition of it is amazing.

I hope you do get a chance to get together with your family, Lucy. Maybe you can have it in Hawaii. (just kidding... nobody would be able to go, I know... but it sounds nice, doesn't it.)