Jul 14, 2006

Imagination run wild

For Sykwalker's birthday (happy birthday, Skywalker! 32, wow.), anyway, last night I condescended to watch King Kong. I have been brushing him off for months now (he wanted to watch it so badly that, once, when I took the kids somewhere errands-ish, instead of staying at home and doing homework like a good boy, he was off to the dollar theater to catch the last 2 hours of the movie. Spur of the moment, like.)

Ever since then, he's been wanting to watch it with me. And so we did, last night.

I L O V E D I T.

Ok, I know lots of people were down on it because of all the convoluted, drawn-out horror and action sequences, but I hung on all the way through, drinking it in like the fantasy-lovin' fanatic that I am.

I mean, that movie is the ultimate example of imagination run wild, don't you think? On the part the author of the book, and on the part of the director-- Peter Jackson, who is particularly known for his wild imagination.

Seriously. All the huge crawling horrible creatures, the emotional journey of one behemothic ape-man, the delicious eeriness of the skull-people.

As an amateur writer of fantasy, I appreciate an imagination gone wild. For instance, the aforementioned eerie skull clan. Wow, what a buildup. The people are just ratlike enough, and yet, just human enough, to be entirely disturbing.

I mean, you can disagree with me if you want. But I had to gush.

Signing off.

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