Jul 16, 2006


Skywalker and I have this kissing book that he gave to his brother as a joke present. His brother gave it back to us as a wedding present. Well, among the kissing advice and kissing anecdotes are examples of kissing from other cultures. Here are two examples (I'm not sure how accurate they are, but the author claims to be a kissing expert, so I'm willing to trust his opinion):

The Japanese Kiss:

1) be shy about kissing.
2) forget that you already know about it.
3) ignore all kissing advice you have read or heard.
4) stand at least a foot away from your kissing partner.
5) lean forward.
6) don't hug or embrace.
7) don't use your hands at all.
8) genty touch your closed lips to the lower lip of your kissing partner.
9) don't say anything.
10) don't laugh.
11) be very serious.
12) act slightly embarrassed about the whole thing.
13) break off and step back.
14) be discreet and say nothing about the kiss.

(a sidenote, I would be utterly unable to obey #'s 10 & 11).

The Troubirand Islands Kiss:

1) sit on a mat together.
2) have a conversation.
3) you can hug your kissing partner.
4) rub noses and cheeks.
5) skipping until # 13 for the sake of propriety...
13) bite your partner's chin.
14) bite your partner's cheek.
15) nip at your partner's nose with your teeth.
16) Pull your partner's hair forcefully.
17) bite off your partner's eyelashes.

Which would you rather participate in (if you are currently married/dating someone?)

I think that, although Japanese sounds quite a bit safer, it also sounds rather impossible. To do all the time, I mean. ON the other hand, I'm already lacking in the eyelashes department.

If it were my beautiful, blonde daughters I were advising however (thinking ahead to when they'll be worrying about such things), I would go with the japanese kiss. Heck, for my teenage daugthers, it's probably preferable to american kissing.

Maybe, when loli turns 16, we'll move to japan.

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