Dec 8, 2010

Mad list

I got sort of mad this last week. I think being tired makes me less able to forgive the world around me, and also myself.

I could make a list but I'm not going to.

I've realized one of my problems is I don't suffer fools too well. But I know I'm not perfect, so why can't I? I'm pretty sure people put up with a lot of silliness from me.

I wish I could shove my annoyance down inside of me and forget about it like some seem to be able to do.

Sometimes it just makes me tired. The way people are selfish, or completely unwilling to examine themselves. Or the way people give up and say that things can't change.

The thing that annoys me more than anything else is when people justify their lack of charity with righteousness, when really, underneath it all, is fear.

And that's my vent for this week, folks.


Putz said...

you made me think of one of my sons just now, but then again i might be that non self inspecting

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