Dec 31, 2010

Things We Say: Obama

*setting: Skywalker and the kids are in a hotel lobby eating continental breakfast and watching the news. Obama is making a statement to the media.*

Jaws: (gazing at the screen) Daddy, I love Obama.

Skywalker: (startled) Um. Okay. Why?

Jaws: (turns wide-eyed gaze on Skywalker) Because Mommy loves Obama.

Skywalker: Oh.

Jaws: Daddy, do you love Obama?

Skywalker: (struggling with words) well... as a person, I quite like him, yes. He's a good person. As the president... not so much.

Jaws: (gaze now reproachful) Daddy, why don't you love Obama?

Skywalker: Well... he's... I don't like how he takes my money.

*others, observing from surrounding tables, are now grinning in the Nosurf Family's direction*

Jaws: Why?

Skywalker: Well, I don't like how he takes my money because I'm pretty sure I could spend it better than he thinks he can.

Jaws: Oh. (nods.) Ok.

*a moment passes*

Jaws: Daddy, I still like Obama, though.

Skywalker: Mmm hmmm.


Jane said...


Putz said...

i still like obama also

Amy said...

love it!

merrilykaroly said...

HAHAHAHA!Skywalker is awesome.

Josh said...

haha! that was awesome. i love your family.