Dec 27, 2010

Things We Say: Goddesses

MayMay: Mom, what's that thing we get to be? After we die? Not gods, the other thing.

NSG: Goddesses?

Maymay: Yeah, Godisses. Mom, when I'm Godisses and I get to make things, And I make my own world?

NSG: Yeah?

MayMay: When I make my own world I will make everything fly. All the girls and the boys and the people, all the cats, all the horses... everything.

NSG: That sounds like a fun place to live.

MayMay: Yeah, and I will make it and everybody will be happy, flying everywhere.


Putz said...

yep that is fopr me>>><>everybody happy, and flying everywhere<><><>what could be better than that??????

N.F. said...

That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, a super fun place. So that you are aware, there are no such things as "Goddesses", just Gods. It's priest and priestesses kings and queens but just Gods (male or female). Just an FYI.