Dec 14, 2010

Things We Say

*setting: NSG, Skywalker and children are discussing the possibility of a move*

NSG: Moving is not fun, we always miss our friends. If we do have to move sometime soon, then we'll be sad for some reasons. But sometimes, like in the scriptures, Heavenly Father leads us to something that will make us happier and be better for us. Since we know Heavenly Father loves us, we can know that whatever he wants for us will make us the happiest we can be. Even if we're sad for a while.

Skywalker: If we move up there, we could have animals, maybe.

*kids visibly brighten*

Skywalker: If you could have animals, what animal would you want to have?

Loli: *promptly* a horse.

NSG: (exchanges glances with skywalker.) Well, maybe not a horse, right now. Unless one of you wanted it badly enough to learn how to take really good care of it, and earned the money to buy it and have a place for it and feed it and all that. So probably you'd have to have a job before you had a horse.

Loli: Well, a puppy then.

Skywalker: That would be likely.

NSG: A puppy sounds great.

Jaws: I like chickies.

Skywalker: If we had the land for it, we'd definitely want to have chickens.

Bella: I like cows.

MayMay: Monkeys! I want Monkeys!


Putz said...

ooooooh i go for a pet kitty cat<><><>we lost jaspher bell by a neighbor shootting a hunting arrow through it's spine which pareelized it<>><<>sanpeters hate cats, but i would still buy a cat even though they eat them in afganistan if that is where you are going andif you are staying in provo{happy valley peop[le like everthing since they are still high on something}

Putz said...

oooh oooh i think i know where you may be going<><>><<>i bet rexberg and the other happy valley high on something plac<><><>,.am i right CORRECT?????????