Dec 22, 2010

Things We Say: Full Disclosure

Loli: Rose-Rose! You've got a bubble booger, don't you. Don't you??

Bella: (laughing) Mom,she's eating them! She's eating her boogers!

MayMay: She prob'ly thinks they're delicious.

Bella: She'll prob'ly keep eating them when she's big!

Loli: When I was six, I ate my boogers.

*general outcry of disgust and hilarity*


Putz said...

dave was inviting guest bloggers to his post<><>><><no surf, will you be inviting guest bogers to your just now post on full disclousure?????????

Putz said...


the quirky one in the family said...

Yummy~~I mean, funny! I love your 'Things We Say' posts!

(btw...I know you like to keep things private, you might want to check on MayMay's name in this post)