Dec 2, 2010

Things We Say

(Setting: driving home from ballet lessons)
MayMay: We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas.
Jaws: We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Now Bring us some piggy pudding.
MayMay: Now bring us some piggy pudding! Good tyings to you, to you and your kids. You're tying for Christmas! And a happy good cheer.
Jaws: Now bring us some piggy pizza, now bring us some piggy pizza. We won't go until we get some! Lalala new YEAR.
Loli and Bella: (snickering)

(setting--it is lunchtime and everyone is sitting at the table eating.)

Squirt: Can I have some water?
Jaws: You can borrow some of mine, squirt.
Squirt: (looks skeptically at Jaw's cup) No, I want some BOY water.
NSG: And it begins. (Goes to the sink to fill a cup with water.)

(setting--putting Jaws and Squirt down for nap.)
NSG: want me to give you a kiss?
Jaws: (nods) Mom, I had a bad dream last night.
NSG: What was it?
Jaws: I dreamed that mosters killed Abby and Katherine and Samantha and big John and little John and all my church people and it was only me left in the family.
NSG: I'm so sorry. Maybe you can have a better dream this time. Maybe you can be a princess with a sword and rescue everybody.
Jaws: Yeah! Or Maybe I could have a dream that I was a princess tied up in a cage and my prince couldn't rescue me because it was very plastic, and he didn't have any big scissors or little scissors or any swords, and so he went and got all his friends with swords and they rescued princess Bella and princess Loli and princess MayMay and princess me.
NSG: That would be good.
Jaws: yeah.


Putz said...

oh bring me some piggy pudding , , i just read a true story in a blog story of a mrs. stanton who wandered from her home in the mountains of tennessee and on a rope were her 6 children and three of the neighbors wlaking into town<><><>a solution to the crazies, is to get those three more neighbor children involved

Dave L said...

If it helps, Katherine wasn't eaten by a monster.

Oh, and I'm glad to know that Squirt is starting to be anti girl water... :-)

Sarah said...

Piggy Pudding! My kids are singing the same thing. How funny!